Pumpkin Beds

These are some of the designs and information I found out while researching our competitors.

This design can be found at PoshTots.com for starts at $47,000

pumpkin bed


Wave your magic wand and this carriage may appear to make your little princess' dreams come true. This fanciful coach bed is the most extraordinary children's bed we've ever seen. Handcrafted in England of wood and fiberglass, the oval shaped interior measures just over 6 ft. in diameter. Construction and delivery time on this piece is over 6 months. The bar is set with this magnificent piece; it simply has no equal outside of fairy tales. Linens and interior options priced upon request. Pricing for the Fantasy Coach starts at $47,000 (subject to change); shipping charges are based on delivery location. Please contact a design consultant for further details.


One that especially caught my attention being sold by several companies was this one. It looks to me to be fabricated mostly from plywood with some paint on it. What amazed me most was that they are selling it through various distributors for $4000 and up.

pumpkin bed

By Tangle Wood Design - One of famous princess character of Disney story is Cinderella. The Cinderella’s carriage has inspiring many furniture manufacturers to imitate the pumpkin carriage as a bed carriage in pumpkin form too. Tangle Wood Design also produce Cinderella carriage bed for kids who like the story and want to have bedroom interior design in related theme. Let alone the carriage bed will stimulate the children imagination and play as if the are the person in the tale. The carriage bed is equipped with long ladder to climb on the upper bed and short ladder for the lower. The color are neutral, easy to match with the other color complements in the bedroom.


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Pumpkin Bed by Glenn Furniture - Custom Made Furniture

Cinderella Inspired Pumpkin Carriage Bed Designs, Made For A Princess
The Pumpkin Bed is handmade designer furniture from solid Beech wood. The Pumpkin Bed is a masterpiece artistic custom original design by Glenn at an affordable price.